8-LIMBS is a teaching space devoted to fashion design, patternmaking, and sewing. Offerings include group classes, private lessons, sewing supplies, fabric, handmade goods, and we specialize in garment alterations, and tailoring. We are in Los Angles , CA
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Silk fabric is widely regarded as the most luxurious textile on the planet. Silk’s textile origins date back to 6000 BC, when the wife of the Yellow Emperor, Xi Ling-Shi, went for a walk among damaged mulberry trees and noticed glistening threads attached to worms eating the plant’s leaves. The process is time-consuming and delicate, which explains the high cost of silk. The fiber gets its brilliant shimmer from its structure, a triangular prism that reflects light at varying angles. Each cocoon yields 1,000 yards of raw silk thread, which is then spun to produce a “yarn” of silk. It is a fabric reserved for special occasions, a cloth meant to enhance a moment. #silk

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